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The proposed childcare centre at chapman street, Werrington has a capacity to cater 100+ children across two levels with various indoor and outdoor facilities along with all the necessary amenities that are important for the functioning of this project.

The proposed site is well serviced by nearby bus public transport and enjoys vehicular access to the nearby surrounding regional road network. The area surrounding the site is predominantly characterised by residential and light industrial uses with associated recreational, community, educational and commercial areas.

The primary aim behind developing this project was to achieve good design that responds and contributes to its context, including the key natural and built features of the local area, their relationship and the character they create when combined and is a facility that responds to and enhances the qualities and identity of the area including adjacent sites, streetscapes and neighbourhood; and takes advantage of its context by optimising nearby transport, public facilities and centres, respecting local heritage, and being responsive to the demographic, cultural and socio-economic makeup of the facility users and surrounding communities.

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