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This proposed child care centre at Meurants Lane is situated in the suburb of Glenwood which is located to the northwest of Sydney CBD. The proposed childcare centre is a response to the growing needs of a neighborhood and its residents. Demand, the appropriate size of the site, good road connectivity and availability of efficient transport facilities within the vicinity will enhance usability of the proposed development. The development in turn will further strengthen the available amenities and facilities in the area and thereby add-on to the value of the community itself.

The form and design of the proposed development is in line with the relevant controls and has been adopted keeping in mind the expected contemporary future character of the development in the locality. The form is distinctive and unique in the context of its surroundings as it is a response to serve its designated use and the target users. It is a take on a handcrafted toy to attract children and make their stay interesting within the facility. Its an innovative approach towards achieving a design that is aesthetically appealing as well as functionally responsive.

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