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This proposed mixed-use development project is located in the heart of the city of Sydney at Riley street, Darlinghurst. This project will contribute Sydney’s traditional CBD into a vibrant community heart that integrates the upbeat atmosphere of the area with roadside cafes, art museums, and much more the city has to offer.


The design proposal includes 2 levels of retail and commercial precinct along with 5 residential levels and 4 basement parking levels below. A big atrium space will contribute to natural daylighting into the spaces that will enhance the functionality and overall socio-economic makeup of the surrounding area. Adding rooftop communal spaces compliments the overall contemporary style of architecture that has to be achieved.

Minimal use of facade materials aligns well with the actual vibrant nature of the locality and this also continues to create a horizontal emphasis and provides coherence with the adjoining buildings and creates a strong relationship between new and old.

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