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This proposed mixed-use development is located at Darling street , Rozelle. The streetscape along Darling Street is characterised by a series of generally two storey buildings with traditional shop fronts, that address the commercial character of the locality.


The proposed new infill development is clearly contemporary but takes cues from the form and detailing of the adjoining buildings as a reference point. The new building responds successfully to the scale and context of the existing streetscape, while providing coherence with the adjoining buildings and creating a strong relationship between new and old.

Existing fenestration patterns are observed. New window openings are similar and proportioned to relate to those on adjoining buildings and help the new building to sit comfortably in the streetscape.

The impact of the top floor third story of the built form is reduced by setting it back further from the building line with a concealed balcony. The part of the bulk of the top floor is screened from view at street level by a two-storey street wall. The pitched roofline beyond is setback from the street and matches the alignment of the adjoining roof to the corner building to the north of the site. 

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